Two new chapters are available at The 45 Dreams Project:

I have collected and sorted over 3000 dreams about Donald Trump and the Trump administration through this blog, private emails, personal communications, and via the @45dreamsproject twitter feed. I will be sharing the themes and patterns that have emerged on this site, one chapter each month:


Chapter 4: Dreams of Incompetence and Cognitive Decline:

There has been a great deal of speculation about Trump’s mental and legal competency. News articles, op-ed writers and Ivy League professors analyze his impulsivity, and his compulsive lying. Speech analysts examine his verbal skills and idiosyncratic use of language for signs of decline or dementia.

Last night I dreamt that we were all forced to go to a Trump event and at the end we all got his autograph, but he misspelled Donald as Dinald on everyone’s poster of his face.[i]


Chapter 5: Dreams of Masturbation and Mana:

This chapter focuses on just two dreams, both fairly lengthy, remarkably similar and yet diametrically opposed:

Dream #1:

I’m backstage, and have infiltrated a President Trump rally. He’s giving his usual boisterous speech to an adoring crowd. I’m on his right, crouched down, and I can see him through the wings…


If you would like to start from the beginning here is where it begins:

Chapter 1: How to Understand this Project