The What a Shrink Thinks Seminar is a twice monthly online subscription essay series focusing on Jungian depth psychology and the varied theoretical, ethical, socio-political, and spiritual concerns that emerge from it.

The seminar consists of two essay discussions/explorations each month written in response to Jung’s collected seminars notes and texts — in this way, this Seminar series operates like an on-line reading group – I engage in a close reading and then share my reflections on what I have read, with a focus on integrating these notions into contemporary contemplative, creative, and psychotherapeutic processes. I pay particular attention their practical application to contemporary life and psychotherapeutic practice, and attempt to challenge aspects of these readings that are biased, oppressive, or require reframing.

You can read several “free sample” essays:

Seminar #15, Incomplete Myths and Psychologies of Liberation

Seminar #18, An Initial Look at Anima/Animus Theory

Seminar #57, The Lion, The Bread, and the Magic Mirror

Seminar #84, Visions; Notes on the Seminar Given in 1930-1934

Seminar #99: Symbol and Stereotype

Seminar #104: On Suggestibility and Cryptomnesia


This is content that is distinct from the public blog posts at What a Shrink Thinks, and includes over 80 essays. Membership at any level gives you access to the full archive.

Several essays from this series have been compiled into an ebook, Jung Life; Jungian Fundamentals for Everyday Living, available for a one time purchase.

Subscribers also welcome to submit questions and ideas in the comment section, or privately to me if they prefer not to be identified. I will try to respond to every question that I can, and integrate it into an upcoming essay.

Please keep this disclaimer in mind: This is an informal online classroom/reading group and nothing published here should be viewed as clinical or supervisory advice, or take the place of actual supervisory or therapeutic consultation by a licensed professional in your state.  There will be no confidential or identifying information posted here.

I also request that all subscribers respect the proprietary and copyrighted nature of of these seminar essays. If you would like to cite them for academic purposes please ask me and it is likely I will agree to it.  I reserve the right to discontinue/refund/block subscribers who violate this request, or who conduct themselves in a manner that is disruptive to this forum.

Once you decide to subscribe, simply choose what level of membership that suits you (below) and after setting up payment – return to What a Shrink Thinks – be sure you are logged in, and select “Seminar Articles” under the Seminar menu. All membership levels have access to the full Seminar archives. New essays are posted on the 1st and 15th of each month.

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Thank you for joining me.  I hope it will prove to be a rich experience for all of us who gather here!

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