This is an educational/experiential workshop designed to support therapists and counselors, artists and creatives, meditators and those engaged in spiritual practices and  anyone who wants to learn to work with their dreams in service of healing, creative or contemplative processes.

Duration: The workshop sessions will be convened via Zoom on Saturdays at 9:00AM Pacific, 10AM Mountain, 11AM Central and 12PM Eastern. Each session is 2 hours long, over 5 consecutive Saturdays

Dates: Winter 2022 session January 29, February 5, 12, 19 and 26 / 2022

Group size: 8-9 members


The workshop will introduce subjects such as:

  • the structure and relationship between consciousness and the unconscious,
  • understanding archetypes
  • the personal unconscious.
  • Jung’s method of dream “amplification,”
  • “Big dreams” and dreams of the collective,
  • a review of contemplative and creative exercises that can help expand upon dream themes
  • an exploration of dreaming and synchronicity,
  • and the relationship between the creative process and dream work.
  • We will explore not only the useful aspects of Jung’s thoughts on dreaming, we will also confront and challenge the Eurocentric and misogynistic notions that exist in these texts and theories

We will begin each session with a respectful and boundaried exploration of dreams that are either shared by a participant or selected from the available readings.

Also, remember that this is not a therapy group. Examining dreams may shed light on conflict or complexes or challenges which may be better processed in a therapy or counseling process than in a workshop. This group is supplemental to other therapeutic, creative, or contemplative processes – and not a replacement for appropriate therapeutic services, professional mentoring or spiritual direction.

Fees and Scholarships:

  • The standard fee for the workshop is $500
  • I am often able to offer several scholarships/fee reductions to half of the fee
  • I can sometimes offer one or two scholarship/reductions to a quarter of the fee
  • Fee reductions are dependent upon on the overall make up of the group.
  • Payment can be made via Venmo, Chase QuickPay/Zelle,  or Paypal.



I will forward each registered workshop member:

  • a syllabus of optional free online readings
  • a pdf of my e-booklet of brief teaching essays compiled for this workshop
  • Members will also receive a free coupon code for one years subscription to my online subscription Seminar essay series.
  • Some essays from my public blog will also be suggested.
  • All reading is optional/suggested

About My Work:

  • You can read more about my various project here
  • Or about my work with dreams here the New Yorker ,
  • You are welcome to peruse the blog by searching for “dreams”  to see my available essays about dream work and dream amplification.


In order for me to make sure that members receive what they need from this group please copy, paste and answer this brief registration questionnaire below –   and email your responses to

All answers will be confidential.


  • What drew you to this workshop? What are your goals? What would you like to receive? Is your interest personal, professional, or both? If you have a professional interest in this workshop, please share your vocation.


  • What is your familiarity and preconceptions, if any, of C.G. Jung?


  • What is your experience of dream work in psychotherapy? Does your therapy include your dream life? Is your therapist receptive to dream work?


  • Have you ever kept a dream journal? Do you remember your dreams regularly, occasionally, or not at all?


  • Do you have a regular meditation, prayer, creative, or contemplative practice?


  • Have you ever had significant difficulties with voice hearing, psychosis, addiction or psychiatric hospitalization? (Dream work can be too overwhelming when we are contending with such vulnerabilities – and it is important to be strong enough and able to stay grounded in consensual reality and secure in our impulse control.) If you have had difficulties or challenges in this area, how long ago and what/who are your current supports and disciplines that keep you grounded?


  • Please let me know if you are in need of scholarship funding. I am able to offer some fee reductions based on need, depending also upon the make up of the group


  • Do you participate in religious or spiritual processes or communities?


  • Are you an artist? Either as a hobby or vocation? Do you ever use dream symbolism or images in making art?


  • Is there anything else that you would want me to know about you or your participation in this group?


Feel free to email me at with any questions.