$120.00 every Year

What a Shrink Thinks Seminar Level Annual Membership

The What a Shrink Thinks Seminar is a twice monthly online subscription seminar focusing on the psychotherapeutic process and the varied theoretical, ethical, socio-political, and spiritual concerns that impact psychotherapeutic work.

The seminar consists of two didactic essays each month written in response to queries and prompts submitted by subscribers.  This is content that is distinct from the public blog posts at What a Shrink Thinks.

I will curate the questions in the queue, selecting the ones that seem to be most applicable for the majority of subscribers. I’ll respond to the basic themes that emerge, publishing  two responses a month. I can’t guarantee when/if every question will be addressed, but I’ll do my best to consider as many as I can.

Please keep this disclaimer in mind: This is an informal online classroom and nothing published here should be viewed as clinical or supervisory advice, or take the place of actual supervisory or therapeutic consultation by a licensed professional in your state.  There will be no confidential or identifying information posted here.

Some subjects that I can imagine maybe be discussed here:

  • Practice building
  • Specialization versus generalist practice
  • Archetype and myth in clinical practice
  • Long term versus short term treatments
  • Use of self in psychotherapy
  • Working with countertransferences
  • The strengths and limitations of psychoanalytic theory
  • Gifts and transitional objects
  • Psychotherapy, empathy and social justice
  • Bereavement, grief, and palliative psychotherapy

I also request that all subscribers respect the proprietary and copyrighted nature of of these seminar essays. If you would like to cite them for academic purposes please ask me and it is likely I will agree to it.  I reserve the right to discontinue/refund/block subscribers who violate this request, or who conduct themselves in a manner that is disruptive to this forum.

Thank you  for joining me in this grand experiment! I hope it will prove to be a rich experience for all of us who gather here!

Subscription and Fees: 


One year subscription:  $120.00