• I am primarily focused on facilitating study groups and workshops online (see Menu) – for artists, clinicians, clergy, and any others who are interested in: studying depth psychology and mysticism, dream work, or contending with mortality  – in a flexible integrative environment
  • I am available for trainings and presentations to organizations or small groups on such subjects as well.
  • As I have availability: I offer brief online (1-5 sessions) individual coaching/spiritual direction consultations for clients who are facing life-changing events and decisions.
  • I am available to mentor therapists and other helping professionals in developing, consolidating, or refining their professional identities.
  • I support communities of religious sisters and nuns by offering space for self-reflection and on-going discernment for candidates, novices, juniors, and fully professed sisters.
  • I am provide spiritual exploration, peer support and coaching for those with life limiting diagnoses and their families who are contending with existential distress.
  • I offer guidance to those who have chosen to seek out psychedelic therapies / plant medicine to work through existential / end of life anxieties. Although I do not refer to or facilitate such experiences, I have experience and training in helping people prepare and set intentions beforehand, and integrate such experiences afterward.
  • I can provide encrypted video conferencing and email communications – and will work over other platforms as the client prefers with the informed consent regarding the limits of confidentiality
  • Fees are variable based on the client’s financial circumstances
  • I am not taking new psychotherapy cases and insurance is not applicable for these services.

To arrange a consultation or other inquiries: contact me at whatashrinkthinks@yahoo.com



For those seeking psychotherapy:

This is a short list of psychotherapists and colleagues that I am close to, know well, and engage in peer supervision with. These are the colleagues that I learn something from, and that I am grateful to have in my professional life.

David Amarel PhD – David happens to be my husband, but I still think he is a very good therapist -(of course I’m not objective!) He is often full, working exclusively online, but occasionally has openings. Fee range: $145-$190

James Masten PhD – James is, one of my dearest friends and colleagues, and someone I turn to for peer supervision. James has a generalist practice as well as a specialization in supporting gay men with HIV and AIDS. Fee range: $150-$200

Christopher Torsiello LMSW – I have referred many cases to Chris in the past and we collaborate with each other regularly. I think he is an excellent intuitive clinician. Warm, honest, and active. Fee Range: $100 and up

Marc Sholes LCSW  Marc is one of my oldest and dearest professional mentors. A kind, warm, and knowledgeable presence. He teaches and supervises at the National Institute of the Psychotherapies. Fee Range: $160 and up

Lissa Hunsicker LCSW – Lissa is a warm, kind and supportive therapist with a specialization in trauma work. Her offices are in Brooklyn. She is often full, but has occasional openings. She has a sliding scale.

Dr. Liz Powell – A sex educator, therapist and coach, Dr. Liz specializes in supporting queer, non-binary and non-monogamous folks.

Jennifer Glacel, LCSW is the owner of Seven Corners Psychotherapy group near Washington DC, offering support for Family and Children as well as low cost support groups.


I also refer regularly to these therapists who I trust and who are googleable:

Joy Lieberthal Rho LCSW, – Eastchester

Kelly Sykes PhD – Brooklyn

Beryl Nightengale PhD – Brooklyn

Bridget Vidunas RN, LSCW -Manhattan

Thomas Moore PhD – Manhattan

John Nathan, LCSW- Manhattan

Kacy Ames-Heron PhD – Manhattan

Shinhee Han LCSW- Manhattan

Hank Flacks, LCSW – Manhattan

Paul Iappini LCSW – Manhattan

Jeffery Spodak PhD – Manhattan

Genna Brocone LMFT – Colorado

Kim Ehly, LCSW – Florida