Martha Crawford, LCSW is a clinical social worker, a psychotherapist and a supervisor in private practice since 1998.

What a Shrink Thinks is an online journal promoting general awareness, education, and transparency regarding the psychotherapeutic process.

The What a Shrink Thinks Seminar provides additional subscription content  – two essays monthly – focused on Jungian and depth psychological readings to examine their practical application for therapeutic, creative and contemplative practice.

In addition: I lead several online groups and workshops: one on working with dreams for creative and contemplative processes,  a support group for Helping Professionals,  and a workshop exploring death denial and death anxiety, online via video conferencing. I have also lead groups for therapists who want to focus on integrating ecotherapies and explorations about  climate change into their practices.

Over the past three decades I have enjoyed a generalist practice, with a wide variety of sub-specializations. For the past several years I have enjoyed focusing on work with several different communities of religious sisters. Supporting women through their candidacies and novitiates, as well as offering therapeutic supports to  juniors and fully professed sisters comprises about one-third of my individual counseling practice. Supervision and support in professional development for therapists constitutes another third.

I am also available to support those with life limiting diagnosis and their families who are contending with existential distress. I can provide guidance to those who have chosen to seek out psychedelic therapies / plant medicine to work through existential anxieties. Although I do not refer to or facilitate such experiences, I have experience and training in helping people prepare and set intentions beforehand, and integrate such experiences afterwards

If you would like to contact me for a consultation or any other inquiries please contact me at


Other projects:

In 2017 I launched a dream collection project – The 45 Dreams Project- which involved collecting, sorting and writing about over 3,000 dreams of our 45 President.

In 2019, I opened the Climate Dreams Project to start gathering our unconscious narratives about climate breakdown and global warming.

In March 2020, I began collecting pandemic dreams at New World Dreams

I also have compiled two ebooks available for purchase.


If you would like to know anything more about my work or my stance – feel free to peruse the blog.

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