So: as I sit at Gladstone Library  on a writing retreat –  wrestling with writing a larger piece (referred to by some as “a book” ) and enjoying two weeks of reading, writing, walking and contemplation in Wales –  another thing has happened that readers and friends of the blog might want to know about:

As an excuse to schedule regular chats together: 12920497_559299710898889_471395175850904443_nJason Evan Mihalko Psy.D. ( The Irreverent Psychologist/ @jaypsyd ) and I have started a (probably)  bi-monthly podcast: All That Fits in 45 where we will be psychobabbling about all the things psychotherapetic  that we can fit in a forty-five minute hour.  You can hear our initial and introductory  episode  on iTunes or on Sound Cloud

I’ve learned several important things so far:

  1. I talk WAY too fast and will consume less caffeine before the second podcast.
  2.  My terrible potty mouth that has earned us an “explicit” rating (which is unlikely to change) 
  3. Jason is as thoughtful and available and hilarious as he is on social media, and great fun to talk to.

We will be recording our next podcast tomorrow on boundaries and psychotherapy to release at a later date.

If you would like to hear our meandering explorations of the psychotherapeutic life – you are warmly invited to listen in and to post us questions or topic suggestions for future conversations on Facebook or at Twitter (@AllThatFitsIn45 )

(And deep thank you to Cranky Muse Projects for their amazing artwork on our behalf!)12809693_556335131195347_7678051234958925582_n