This week I dreamed that I opened the front door to a surprise visitor.

An older man arrived, whose name I did not know, and who I referred to, in my mind, as the Honored Guest.

I began to cook a meal to show him the deep respect I had for him, the honor that it bestowed upon me to have him in my home, how grateful I was to have the chance to meet with him and feed him.

The meal I cooked was simple, rice and vegetables, but the best I could muster. There were ingredients missing from my pantry that I knew could make the dish better. But I had done my best, and bowed low as served the dish, grateful for the chance to have created what I could for him.

I found out last evening that a colleage put my name forward for the 2013 National Assoication of Social Workers Media Awards and that “What a Shrink Thinks” has been selected along with two other impressive social work blogs, as one of the final nomineees in the category: Single Topic Social Work Blog.

It has been, and remains, such an honor to serve this profession that has given so much to me. Being a social worker is both an extention of and an expression of my core values. It is astounding to me to have this honor visited upon me, and I will keep doing what I can to serve the profession my best, from my heart, with the few simple ingredients I have on hand.

Honored, indeed, in the deepest and most mutual sense of the word.

If you would like to see the ballot, review the nominees in all categories the NASW link is below. Voting is open to all and is not restricted to social workers or NASW members.

And here is a link to an interview I gave recently, just posted today, about what the social work profession means to me:

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