There are so many people all over the world to thank for this day, this morning, this holiday.

So many people who have offered spiritual, logistical, emotional, and financial support through this medical tornado.

So many people that I have known and loved through my lifetime, who I have only just met, and so many – an astounding number- of people I’ve never ever met who have offered us shelter and sanctuary.

And all the notes and letters – hundreds- who have kindly let me know what my writing has meant for them, how it has supported or impacted them, how it became a part of their own therapeutic process, how it carried them through times when they couldn’t find help.  I….  had no idea.

I really had no idea that this strange space, this address on the ethernet meant so much to so many people. This information alone is a mind blowing, life changing gift.

But along with those notes I have received piles of charms, wrapped presents to put under our tree, and truly extraordinary financial support – that made sure that all our troubles seemed miles away.

That gave us this day.

I tried, for a nearly intolerable moment, to imagine what this day would have been like without it all. If  some Dickensian plot twist flipped us into a multiverse where there was no net of kindness to catch us as we fell.

It was terrible to contemplate but I saw: each dinner tenderly cooked, each offer to babysit, each kind word, each prayer, each generous financial  donation, each locket, each hospital visit, each wrapped present, every single cord of love woven together by friends and strangers that saved us and allowed us to feel safe enough to freely celebrate this day.

And to rejoice without fear.

“And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.” ~ Luke 2:10

Good tidings.

Great joy.

Fear not.

And the deepest gratitude imaginable to you all for giving us this day.