A 10 week Jung-informed workshop on working with dreams:

Our dreams are the voice of our intuition – and can provide us with important guidance both individually and collectively. 

As a psychotherapist who has been working with dreams for the past thirty years, I am eager to see more people connect to their intuition and learn to consider their dreams outside of a therapeutic setting. 

To that end, I’m organizing a 10 week workshop starting April 3rd, 2020 to examine the personal and public messages that emerge in our nighttime dreams. 

We will explore some of Carl Jung’s ideas and methods for dream amplification, work with dream journals, play with art and creative writing exercises in relation to dream work, look at the function of dreams and healing, and the role of “big” dreams about public and community concerns and talk about how we integrate the lessons we are surfacing into our daily lives. 

We will gather via Zoom, for 10 one hour sessions on Fridays. 9am Pacific, 10 am Mountain, 11am Central, 12 noon Eastern. 

The fee for this workshop is $500

This isn’t a therapy group, but a workshop to support those engaging in their own healing processes to integrate dream work into their wellness and contemplative practices. 

Therapists, laypeople, writers, artists, creatives, clergy and those who are engaged in the process of living closer to their soul’s calling are welcome. 

If you have any questions, or to register please email whatashrinkthinks@yahoo.com for more information.