In less than 24 hours the unfathomably generous giving in response to my placing a “donate” button on the blog and on the previous post has taken care of the deficit in my gross income for the months of October and November while I was falling ill.

I am astounded and flooded and grateful and trying my best to accept this as something that will help me to rest and recover – To see it and metabolize it simply as as love. Love in action, love that creates and embeds us all in larger communities. 

 Love that is as natural and understandable to me as the love that I feel for my family and friends, for my clients, my various communities, for our universal interconnectedness and for our shared humanity. I understand feeling love better than I understand receiving it – so this is where I must begin…

It will take me time to take this all in. 

How symbolic that this is my 100th post at What a Shrink Thinks. How astounding that this self-indulgent psychotherapist’s journal has changed my life in so many ways. How incomprehensible that it is now carrying me and my family through times of trouble. How perfect that my 100th post should offer me a chance to express how much it means to me that you have read, and shared, and emailed and supported and valued the strange and personal musings that I set down here. How right it is to be able to thank you all, for all of it, for the whole ride right now at this moment.

When others step in to help a mother keep her children secure in times of trouble it creates the most powerful form of gratitude.

I really have no words. Thank you is insufficient.

May you be blessed for your kindness.

May you be as blessed as I have been.

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