I wanted to let you all know about a new intention, a feature I am offering here at the blog, the What a Shrink Thinks Seminar:

The What a Shrink Thinks Seminar is a twice monthly online subscription seminar focusing on the psychotherapeutic process and the varied theoretical, ethical, socio-political, and spiritual concerns that impact psychotherapeutic work.

The seminar consists of two didactic essays each month written in response to queries and prompts submitted by subscribers. This is content that is distinct from the public blog posts at What a Shrink Thinks.

Some subjects that I can imagine we might cover:

Practice building

Specialization versus generalist practice

Archetype and myth in clinical practice

Long term versus short term treatments

Use of self in psychotherapy

Working with countertransferences

The strengths and limitations of psychoanalytic theory

Gifts and transitional objects

Psychotherapy, empathy and social justice

Bereavement, grief, and palliative psychotherapy

If you are interested in finding out more: please click on the Seminar links on the menu above.

(And thank you in advance for your patience with any technical difficulties. Old dog here, learning new tricks!) 

And let’s see where this experiment takes us!