Those of you who have followed this blog may have noticed that I am not posting “public” essays as frequently – and there are a few reasons, that I realized that I should share with readers and subscribers.

In addition to the subscription Seminar essays which I am writing as small online “lectures” for psychotherapists and counselors – I am working on two larger projects –  I imagine them as books although  – who really knows?

The first is a piece, started just before I was diagnosed,  of memoir and analysis, currently called The Good Thief,  exploring archetypes of good and evil,  through my memories of and my research into the life of a mysterious priest who played a pivotal role in my family history.  I am looking forward to exploring some archived church files at the end of this month as part of this project.

The second project is the 45 Dreams project. I have spent the past six months collecting and sorting though thousands of dreams about our president, on Twitter and through the 45 Dreams blog. I have been sorting them into categories – which has been simultaneously fascinating, encouraging and frightening  – and will be discussing these dreams alongside the writings of Charlotte Beradt – a German analyst who collected and analyzed about 300 dreams during the rise of the Third Reich.

So, please rest assured that I am hard at work, and you will hear from me again – I will share the outcome of these labors here with you in one way or another.

And promise that I will, when the spirit moves me, post an essay that asserts itself. And as one or the other of these projects draw to a close – I will return to writing shorter form essays to share again with you here.

For updates feel free to follow my Twitter feed or the What a Shrink Thinks Facebook page.

And thank you all, for your continued good wishes and support.