Guest Blogger – Martha Crawford, LCSW

Been sort of HEAVY around here lately, so it seemed like a good time to LIGHTEN UP.

It is a total gas, and honor to collaborate as a guest blogger with the brilliant WG at Therapy Tales!

Thanks to WG for this beautiful piece of silliness and to everyone else:


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  1. Dream come true, the two of you in one place! Loved #9 as it gave me this great visual of a wave rippling out, tossing everything about in its path from the epicenter of the appointment change. The famous butterfly in Mexico causing the hurricane. πŸ™‚

  2. This should be followed by a second post entitled “Ten Simple Ways to Make Your Therapist’s Job Hell.” Not that you would have any ideas about that one… πŸ˜›

  3. Loved this (even though I never get tired of the “heavy” posts)! Also, I wish my therapist asked about my dreams! I’ll have to bring that up one day… I always remember mine and I’m not good at interpreting them on my own!

  4. Different therapeutic models utilize dreams more or less some are very focused, or even exclusively focused on the role of the unconscious as receptacle of conflicts from the past, others view dreams as images from our unconscious as it attempts to compensate for our limited awareness of day to day events and our own conscious perspectives.

    Many models dismiss the unconscious and dreams as uninteresting and focus entirely on conscious content.

    Everyone finds their own path – what works for some doesn’t for others. And perhaps dream work is just another area for relationships to travel to.


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  6. Cute post. I don’t understand why an insurance company would contact you to ask you to be on their panel. I see an “out of network” shrink, submit (to my insurance) my own forms for reimbursement on my own time and of my own volition, and I’m pretty sure my insurance does not contact her. I’ve done this with several of the major insurances (GHI, Aetna, United, BCBS, etc) I’ve had over the years and they’ve never contacted the shrink – not sure why this is happening to you.

  7. Not just me! Its a customary complaint – and certainly not really a client’s responsibility – this is tongue in cheek –

    Perhaps its more common in urban areas that have high utilization and lots of panel turnover.

    I know many many colleagues here -and other cities
    who field similar annoying insurance company spam.

    Its really not hard to press delete, or toss mailings in the garbage – but who wouldn’t want to save a precious few seconds of each work week! πŸ˜‰


  8. I love # 9 LOL! – been certainly guilty of it lately, summer is always crazy with kids out of school & camp here, play date there, the inevitable work & still trying to manage an hour of therapy …

  9. I’m in NYC – doesn’t get more urban than that! I get that it’s tongue in cheek, was just curious since it seems strange to me. From where would insurance companies even obtain your email address?? Insurance reimbursement forms don’t ask for information like that, and even if you have it on stationary for billing, I doubt someone hand puts it into a database for spamming. Seems more likely info like that would come from professional organizations a shrink might belong to. Not a big deal, just seemed particularly strange. Loved the rest of the post, though.

  10. I think the main motivation is if they can get a therapist to be on their panel – the insurance company can contract and control and monitor service for lower fees, or more “review” and approval of extended services. There is even a company that regularly calls, sends letter and faxes offering to pay you a lower rate sooner than they will reimburse the client- and if you fill out the form to say yes or no to their offer without reading the fine print – you are enrolled on their panel. Like phone service slamming!

    And yes, the service provider info is entered into the system – tax ID and all off of the statement.

    It’s just that damned squuuueeeeee!


  11. There is always a massive, collective schedule flipping Spring to Summer, and then Summer to Fall…. I practically lose my mind each time – spend several weeks worrying that I am in the wrong place at the wrong time until it all falls into place again!!

  12. Any chance of having a client present their view of 10 Simple Steps a Therapist Can do to Make Their Clients Life a Little Easier?……..I’m assuming you saw that one coming?!!!

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